Gabriel is a self contained singer/song writer who has been performing his original songs for years throughout this country and abroad.

His smooth unique vocal style along with his innovative prolific song writing is pleasing to listen to for audiences of all ages.



Gabriel has also written a startling new mini novel entitled Marilyn Monroe The Lost Diary.

His new book is available for download on Kindle, Nook, and all E-book sites,

The story is both fact and fiction, the facts were gathered from multiple sources including FBI secret files, within the book are many scenarios of what may or may not have happened at the Cal Neva Lodge at Lake Tahoe in July of 1962 there was much speculation on what happened there that weekend leading up to the circumstances of Marilyn's untimely death, Later that same week the sex icon was found dead in her bedroom at her Brentwood California home, was it murder, suicide, or death from an accidental over dose?

When reading one can come to their own conclusions.



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